ClearNow Anti Fog Spray & Microfibre Lens Cloth

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30ml Anti fog spray and microfibre lens cloth in poly bag. Anti fog spray is formulated to actively prevent fog forming on your glasses. Reapply as often as needed. Easy to apply by dispensing a small amount of spray onto microfibre cloth and gently wiping lenses both sides. It works by minimising surface tension on your lenses. With face masks becoming part of our everyday lives, this kit is a great solution to stop your glasses fogging up.

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Digital Label
  • Anti Fog Spray - 50 x 50mm (LxH)
  • Poly Bag - 50 x 50mm (LxH)
Dye Sublimation
  • Lens Cloth - 150 x 150mm (LxH)

Item Specification

  • Anti Fog Spray: 105H x 25mmDia
  • Lens Cloth: 150 x 150mm (LxH)
  • Poly Bag: 90 x 160mm (LxH)

  • Spray: Clear
  • Lens Cloth: White

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