Below we outline the steps to order your next branded merchandise project:

Place a order

Simply placing an order with your desired order quantity for each product. Pricing for each product includes branding in the most cost effective method, this will in most cases be a 1 Colour print for example.

Request a Quote

Select the "CREATE QUOTE" button for a product(s) and we will send you pricing that is customised to your project. For example your logo may have 3 colours, or you want printing in multiple locations. 

Once you are happy with the quote we have sent you, you can confirm the order directly from the quotation to create a new order.

Send your Artwork

Once we receive you order, we will send you an Artwork Branding Template for you to arrange your artwork and submit it to us in the correct format.

As a general guide, we will require High Resolution artwork ( min300dpi ) at all times. Other general artwork requirements include:

  • Supply vector art - typically .EPS, PDF or .AU files.
  • Fonts - final supplied artwork should have fonts outlined prior to output to PDF file.
  • Pantone Colours - ensure artwork is set up as per your PMS Colour and you also specify your pantone colours if you require spot colour printing.

Proofing Process

We will send you a pre production proof as a PDF file with artwork mocked up in correct position. This proof will be 100% to scale and note all key elements like Colours printed and process.

Physical proofs are not supplied, however if you require this then please get in touch to discuss.

Delivery Due Date

Once the final PDF proof above is approved by you, then we will confirm the final delivery date.

We have flexible lead times and if your job is urgent then please let us know and we can supply you options for express delivery, this in most cases will involve extra charges.