Sendak Kitchen Cutting Board Set

SKU: ESK20596-sendak-kitchen-cutting-board-set

Color: Sendak Kitchen Cutting Board Set
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Our Set of Bamboo Cutting Boards offers a unique and eco-friendly solution for your kitchen. This set includes four distinct cutting boards, each one specifically designed and carved with patterns to identify its use: one for fish, one for white meat, one for red meat, and one for vegetables. This feature helps in preventing cross-contamination during food preparation. The set comes with a metal basket equipped with guides, providing an organized and tidy storage solution. Each board fits neatly into the basket, making them easily accessible while saving space. Presented in a kraft design box, this cutting board set is not only functional but also environmentally conscious. Bamboo, as a material, promotes the use of natural resources and is known for its durability, resistance, and rapid growth, making it an excellent sustainable alternative to traditional wood. This 4-piece bamboo cutting board set is perfect for those who value eco-friendly kitchenware without compromising on quality and organization.





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