Eco Friendly Merchandise - A look at the selection of materials you can choose from to promote your brand

We explore the vast range of materials available to you that come under the umbrella of “Eco Friendly”, and the most popular promotional products made from each.


A natural and renewable resource, the distinctively “unique” nature of wood grain pattern & colour provides a unique branding opportunity, with traditional printing and also unique laser engraving of logos onto wooden surfaces making wood an ideal premium custom branded corporate gift selection.
Popular wooden corporate gifts include: Wooden pens, key rings, wooden USB drives and USB boxes, traditional game sets like dominos & pickup sticks, cheese boards for premium corporate gifts.


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, making it one of the worlds most renewable resources. It requires very little water to grow and can be re-harvested many times without harmful effects of the environment. Bamboo presents natural variations in wood grain and colour which presents ideal and unique branding surface to present your brand with.
Popular bamboo promotional items Include: Pens, printed drink coasters, bamboo USB drives, bamboo printed notebooks, tote bags and drink bottles.


Cork is eco friendly as its is renewable and sustainable resource. The unique textured surface provides a unique branding opportunity. Popular corporate merchandise made with Cork include notebooks, drink coasters, coffee cups.


Cotton plants produce fluffy white fibre which are harvested, spun into thread, then woven into fabric which is soft, durable, washable and uses a renewable resource.
Popular uses for cotton include: Tote bags, shopping bags, drawstring bags, custom printed caps, adding your logo to large range of  clothing like polo shirts, t-shirts or range of work uniforms.


Jute is a plant fibre that is spun into a coarse thread & woven to make a robust, heavy duty fabric. Jute has a natural look which makes it aesthetically appealing to brand artwork with. Due to its strength Jute has become an ideal and affordable fabric to brand your logo onto for shopping bags, tote bags, coolers bags, gift bags and make up bags.


Blending Jute with cotton will produce Juco,  another popular material due to its strength and smoother branding surface. Promotional Tote Bags with large gussets which can hold heavy weights are a popular use of Juco.


Paper derived from sustainably grown wood pulp is a natural product that can be recycled repeatedly.
Common uses include notebooks, pens and highlighters, Eco USB flash drives made from Kraft paper, paper printed carry bags and shopping bags.


Glass is an aesthetically pleasing and extremely sustainable material which is manufactured from sand. It is easily recycled and has become an environmentally-friendly natural alternative to single-use plastic bottles and cups.  Common uses: Glass coffee cups, drinking glasses, and re usable water bottles.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can be recycled multiple times, with an extremely long life span, keeping your brand in the eye of the user for a longer period than most products.  An ideal material for all types of drinkware due to the long life cycle and the ability to keep drinks cold and hot longer.  In addition, there is no requirement for a plastic lining, which also ensures a chemical and odour free beverage.

Rice Husk & Wheat Straw Natural Plastic

Both materials are agricultural by-products which produce 100% biodegradable plastic with an attractive trendy finish. Heat resistant to 100-120 degrees, food safe and microwave safe for 2 minutes,  makes  drink mugs and cups are a popular option to use wheat straw for branded merchandise.

For more information on how to use products made from Eco Friendly materials contact us to discuss your next promo merch project.


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